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Portlandia (Part Deux)




 Margaritas and tacos at ¿por que no?




 Exploring the main neighborhoods of Portland

This past week I was lucky to be able to visit a friend in Tigard, a suburb of Portland, for a few days and do some more exploring of Portland. For linner my first night, we went to ¿por que no? on Mississippi Avenue, which was already one of my favorite neighborhoods from my previous trip. ¿Por que no? tends to have a long line but I’m telling you, the wait is worth it as their food is the best Mexican I’ve had outside of the places back home in TX and NM. On my last day we ventured over to NW 23rd Avenue for some boutique shopping, people watching, and some amazing Chai Tea Lattes at Tea Chai Te. What I also loved most about the neighborhood were the older (bottom-most picture above) Victorian and Craftsman homes.

Have a good one! 


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