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Healthy Winter Recipes to Try

Healthy Winter Recipes to Try_3

Healthy Winter Recipes to Try_2

Healthy Winter Recipes to Try_1


honey chipotle chicken bowls


Winter is honestly one of the hardest times to want to eat healthy as I’d much rather nom on some Shepherd’s Pie while it’s chilly outside. However, I have found that there are some warm recipes (especially the above Lasagna Soup) that are pretty darn healthy and can warm you up in an instant. I’ve already made the side dish of kale and broccoli (top picture) but instead of using chickpeas I used sunflower seeds and it turned out to be super yummy that way.

Happy weekend! 



Sources: Broccoli and kale side dish  Vegetarian Quinoa chili Lasagna Soup Honey chipotle chicken bowls

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