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Home Envy: Cozy and Quirky

cozy and quirky home envy_4

cozy and qurky home envy

cozy and quriky home envy

cozy and quriky home envy_2

cozy and quirky home envy

To me, there’s honestly just something so inviting about a space with an interesting color plate that also boasts gorgeous yet comfy furniture. Darker colored walls are really gorgeous and have become quite a trend as of late. Also, tufted furniture (like the large pink ottoman and camel colored headboard) is something I’ve always been a big fan of as it looks regal but cozy at the same time. I’d love to live in any of the above spaces and could only hope that my budget won’t mind the lovely things I want.

P.S. Can anyone tell me of places to find letters like in the second picture for a decent price? I’d love a C!

(all images via Pinterest)

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