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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the other half and I travelled up to Portland not only to see Pearl Jam but to also celebrate the birthday of a good friend of ours. Going to the Portland Art Museum was a must–plus, the Samurai Exhibit that’s showing there right now is too cool to pass up. Our friend also indulged in the fact that I was a newbie to the city as we also ventured off to Pioneer Square and the iconic Mississippi Avenue neighborhood.

Also, for those who love restaurants that put local farms to good use make sure to check out Sweedeedee on Albina Ave. It’s a very quaint cafe and there generally is a wait to get a table, but the atmosphere and fresh food makes up for the wait and then some. Sweedeedee has also recently been named among the Top 10 restaurants in Portland by Portland Monthly magazine.

Hope y’all had just as great of a weekend! 


(Sweater: O’Hanlon Mills; Pearl studded jeans: BDG; Boots: Doc Martens; Chevron infinity scarf: JCrew; On the lips: NARS Scarlet Empress) 


2 thoughts on “Portlandia”

  1. I really want to visit Portland, my cousin just moved there. Sounds like the Portland Art Museum is a cool place as well. I also hear it’s a great foodie town too! any other recommends?

  2. I’m so sorry about the EXTREMELY late response!

    Portland is definitely a huge foodie town. It’s the food truck capital of America, so defininitely be sure to check those out (their general location isn’t too far away from the Art Museum).

    My main suggestion would be to narrow down what neighborhoods you’d want to check out and then just park nearby or take the bus to explore them by foot. My favorite areas (so far) are Pearl District, Mississippi Ave., Pioneer District, and the 23rd NW Avenue area.

    Hope this helped!

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