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Game Day

oregon vs cal 2013 game_1

oregon vs cal 2013 game_2

To say that Saturday’s game against Cal was an interesting one would be an understatement. Heading in to the game, we all knew that it was going to be a rainy one. What we all did not expect was for monsoon-like (what the announcer had referred to it as…) rain and wind to occur and otherwise engulf Autzen Stadium. However, we were troopers and toughed it out until Halftime in which we decided to bail as I was soaked head to toe and the rain was not letting up.

oregon vs cal 2013 game_3

Basically, that is how I felt about the non-stop pouring rain^^.  All in all, though, I’m really proud of how the Ducks played even with the weather conditions they had to face. Oh and these pictures were obviously taken before the rain had started as I didn’t even touch my iPhone during the game thanks to le monsoon.

Happy Monday! 


(Hoodie: Hirons; Leggings: American Eagle Outfitters; Knee High Socks: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Doc Martens; Rain Coat: Cabelas; Purse: Urban Outfitters; Earrings: Mt. St. Helens emeralds)

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