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If You’re Gone

In my previous music post, I had mentioned that I never really got too into the boy band and Britney Spears scene (with the exception of the Spice Girls). Instead, I leaned towards music my father listened to (Pink Floyd, The Who, The Beatles, etc.) and the alternative music that was just hitting the scene. One of the first bands that really hit home for me, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, was Matchbox Twenty. I could listen to them on a rainy day or while taking a drive in the countryside on the way to see my grandparents.

Lately at work, a-lot of 90’s and early 00’s music has been playing throughout the day. Listening to “If You’re Gone” is such a nostalgia trip for me. I’ve always felt this song summed out the band’s,sound.

What song(s) bring(s) you down memory lane?



P.S. It doesn’t hurt that Matchbox Twenty is fronted by Rob Thomas–one of my first “celebrity” crushes.

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