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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

the best of the kinks album

short sleeve popover in arrow from jcrew

williams and sonoma bbq set

caddyshack dvd

dessert gallery lemon sqaures

1. One of their favorite albums on vinyl (if they have a turn table…if not stick with a good ol’ cd). For my dad, I chose an album by one of his favorite bands–The Kinks.

2. This J Crew shirt is great either for golfing or for wearing out for Father’s Day dinner.

3. This grill tool set from Williams & Sonoma is perfect for the grill enthusiast.

4. Caddyshack is by far the most quoted movie by my dad and my other half’s dad. If your dad doesn’t have this movie in his collection–buy him it!

5. Dessert Gallery’s lemon bars are ah-mazing. If there’s one near you, they give you the option of even ordering them online. If not, they have their recipe on their website for you to make them special for dad.

~Also, as a side note, I’ve recently just created an Instagram account for the blog! The username for it is @shortsweetandlovely. 🙂


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