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Summer Skin

Only Ben Gibbard can write such a lovely song about one of my Summer nightmares–summer skin. Having been blessed with oily hair and oily skin, I have had to combat the heat in many ways throughout Summer. One of the big reasons why I decided to cut off over a foot of my hair was due to the heat in Texas that was stifling not only in the Summer but during the entire year.

Having said all this, I’d personally consider myself an expert (not really…but in a way, yes) when it comes to beating all the beauty problems Summer weather can trigger. Below are some of my personal favorites that I use and others I know to help beat it.

pure and free liquid neutrogena sunscreen

Sunscreen that is Hypoallergenic and oil-free (or noncomogenic) is best so that it doesn’t clog your pores.

beeswax burts bees lip balm

Burt’s Bees lip balms have always come in handy and are so much lighter to use during the summer than lipstick.

pan oxyl foaming wash

Pan Oxyl Foaming Acne Wash is perfect for those (like myself) who have oily skin, which can sometimes result in back acne during the Summer months.

24 7 oil control blotting tissues

These tissues are such a blessing. I’ve learned from my mother to at least have two packages on hand.

maybelline great lash mascara

I’ve been able to use this mascara no matter what the temperature–just definitely get the waterproof kind for those sweaty days!

lorac foundation

This oil-free, paraben free and even fragrance free foundation is light and even those with oily skin can wear it during a hot one.

benefit dandelion blush

This lighter shade of blush, in comparison to Benefit’s other top seller CORALista, can work for the majority of skin colors and is more natural looking (in my opinion).

The main thing when working with makeup during the summer I’ve learned is just to try and be the most natural you can be. Also, do anything and everything you can to protect your skin and keep it healthy.

I hope this helps some of y’all out!


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