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The xx

The xx concert_1

The xx concert__2

The xx concert__3

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The xx concert__7

The xx concert__8

I had the wonderful privilege of being able to see The xx while they were in town last week. Comprised of Jamie Smith, Oliver Sim, and Romy Madley Croft, this indie-pop/dream-pop band that hails from London has some of the most relaxing and soothing to the senses (without dulling them) music. Their songs “Islands“, “Intro“, and “Shelter” are by far my favorites and I was so giddy as I heard the start up for each of them. Also, the light show that accompanied their performance was purely mesmerizing and I love the fact that they are a band that truly sounds just as good live as they do while listening to their album.

I highly recommend that y’all give them a listen!


(photos taken by Andrew Murray)

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