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My Top Ten Oscar Dresses from the Past Decade



Mila Kunis


Sandra Bullock 


Jessica Chastain 


Keira Knightley 


 Hillary Swank


 Nicole Kidman


 Reese Witherspoon


 Charlize Theron


Kate Hudson

jovovich oscars

 Milla Jovovich

I know, I know… My list and I are a bit late. However, I honestly wanted to see if any dresses from this year’s Academy Awards would make my list. And after watching last night’s I just had to add Charlize to the list. Her dress, and overall look, was just so flawless.

My friends and I dressed up and watched the Oscars together (including the Red Carpet). It definitely is now something I want to plan to do every year with them, as my friends and their commentary got me laughing so hard to where I’d almost ruin my nice dress (which is a good and bad thing…).

I hope all of y’all were able to watch the Academy Award’s this year and enjoyed it just as much as I did!

Have a great rest of the week!



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