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What to do when… Wanting to survive the (Texas) Heat

Now, I know not all of y’all live in Texas so I’m not going to get super specific with this post. However, it doesn’t take a meterologist to know that the state of Texas and the majority of country is dealing with some ridiculous amounts of heat. Some days I feel like not even two Texas sized thunderstorms will be able to cool me down. Considering that, I’m sure a-lot of y’all are also facing the same problem with trying to survive (and maybe escape) the heat. So below I have listed out a few things that have helped me with the heat I’ve dealt with while being in the South for a good twenty years–enjoy! (:

Drink it up, baby! 

A sure fire way to cool off definitely is by pouring yourself a glass of your favorite summer drink. Lately, I have come to find that Lemonade and Black Cherry Juice go great together and comes together to make something tasty real tasty (plus, both are good for you in moderation). If you are interested in something with a little bit more oomph then go to the link provided below, Women’s Health magazine will definitely help ya out with that!

Cool off in the water! 

The local pool may not be a favorite spot during the day, but at night it may be a totally different situation. You will never know until you go and find out for yourself!

Have a movie night in! 

Whether with your sweetie, family, or some friends, having an inside movie get-together is a perfect way to get away from the heat. As much publicity as summer blockbusters in the theaters get, watching a movie in the comfort of your own place allows for the movie watching experience to be more enjoyable. Plus, you don’t have to pay those ridiculous prices for your favorite snacks and drinks! Also, when in a movie theatre you can’t make have your own commentary (like Romy and Michelle had while watching Pretty Woman) which is definitely no fun.

I know it isn’t Wednesday, but tomorrow being July 4th and all i’ll be quite busy all day so I am posting this a day early.

I hope y’all have a lovely July 4th wherever y’all are! (: 


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