Culture Shock

Generally, when you hear the term “culture” you think of a foreign country and their way of life versus yours in the country you live in. This post is not about that type of culture. As I briefly mentioned in my “About Me” section, I am originally from the South. I was born and raised in Houston and lived there until I graduated high school. For some crazy reason I had been fixated on going to school in Oregon and have now been here for a little more than six months. Boy, are things different!

For a while now I have wanted to openly discuss the things that make Texas so awesome and also not so awesome while doing the same for Oregon. So here I go:

Texas PROS: 

  • Southern Gentlemen
  • Southern Hospitality
  • What-a-Burger
  • Immense love for football
  • The Hill Country
  • Pecans
  • Steakhouses
  • Cowboys
  • George Strait
  • My family
  • HEB
  • ChickFilA
  • Mexican food
  • Last but not least.. It will always be my HOME ❤

Texas CONS: 

  • It is ALWAYS hot pretty much
  • Houston and Dallas traffic
  • Lift-kits
  • The smog and pollution around Houston area

Oregon PROS:

  • No pollution
  • Beautiful trees and greenery
  • Small little coastal towns that look out onto the Pacific
  • hiking
  • Clean, fresh water
  • Portland
  • So many thrift stores
  • Cool fashion sense
  • REAL seafood

Oregon CONS:

  • Rains almost every day
  • A-lot of poverty in some places
  • Substances out of the wazoo
  • Hypocrites about tolerance
  • Low supply of meat
  • Hippies and Tree Huggers

So, there you have it. A list of Pros and Cons about my home place and where I currently live. Honestly, a big reason as to why I came to write it all out had to deal with yesterday, Ash Wednesday. Like a good Catholic should I went to Ash Wednesday Mass yesterday at noon. Of course I also wore my ashes for the rest of the day like you are supposed to. For some reason I felt that I got more stares at people for the ash cross on my forehead here on campus than I ever did back home. Surprisingly one of my good friends even asked what had happened to me as she did not know what it meant. This is strange to me because where I grew up in Houston there were so many religious institutions that not many people didn’t know about such practices.

Yesterday definitely showed me the differences in faith culture between the two states. I had always known that all over America there could be different sorts of culture identified with their different areas, for instance the South and our use of the words ain’t and y’all. It’s funny how people always talk about learning ’bout new cultures and ways of life in a foreign country when all they need to do really is go to another part of the country.

(Also, if you couldn’t tell by my PROS list for Texas.. I am a major foodie.)

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