Love Thyself

Hello y’all! Yes, on the day of love and flowers and romance and Hallmark cards I have decided to start a blog. Random? Yes. Is it because midterm exams are over with and i’m single and don’t know what else to do on Valentines day? Err, yes and no.

For a good period of time I have been an avid reader of lifestyle, cooking, and fashion blogs. However, it always made me sad that the majority of those out there who do blog are generally in their late twenties and who have a pretty steady life–career and longtime boyfriend or husband. For those of us who are still going through the general messiness of life (I do not mean to say that marriage or a full-time cannot be messy), it sometimes can be hard to relate to things that are blogged about.

No, I do not attend fashion shows whenever they roll around each year. My idea of a catwalk is the distance from the door to my seat in lecture hall or the tiny bit of walking distance in a restaurant in my college town. I also do not have a fancy camera where I can daily take pictures of my outfits, even though I wish I did. However, that last one might be a good thing considering the late avid use of my UOregon pullover and skinnies and Docs outfit. (Listen, this rain here is HARD to work with when it comes to trying to look cute. Not cool.)

Yet, I always make the best of things. Am I technically single on this day that everybody celebrates as a couples holiday? Indeed, I am, but the thing is that ultimately I am fine with that. I already surround myself with people who love and cherish me such as my friends and family, and first and foremost, I LOVE MYSELF. I think that is one thing that people need to take away from this holiday–loving themselves.

I hope that all who read this know how important it is to appreciate and love yourself. If not, maybe this can serve as a reminder of you. It is a very important thing to remember and I know many lose touch with that fact, which I see daily of other girls here at my college. Just know: “You is smart You is kind You is important.”

I hope y’all have a LOVEly Valentines Day wherever you are.


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